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2012 Ghost Ranch Workshops

Plein Air Painting in the O'Keeffe Landscape
August 6-12, 2012 
September 30 - October 6, 2012

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New Paintings From the Inside Out...

Life’s a Beach

6” x 6”, oil and cold wax on panel

Made on a Mac

50-50 SHOW IV

August 24-Sept 30, 2012

Sanchez Art Center

Pacifica, California

I have been selected to participate in the  fourth annual Sanchez Art Center 50-50 Show juried by Barry Sakata, founder and owner of the B. Sakata Garo in Sacramento.

Beginning June 13th and every day for 50 days, I will complete a 6 x 6 inch painting for the exhibit. My subject is “Imagined Landscapes” and medium will be oil and cold wax on panel.

To receive emails with the day’s painting and purchase information attached, simply go to my blog where the paintings will be posted by clicking the link below and sign up. Paintings will be offered for sale on my blog but will not be shipped until after the show closes.